About Us

image-2 Ezi Returns is a family run business based in the UK with a base in France and partners in Spain, Germany & Italy, USA, Canada & Australia.

With over 18 years of retail and e commerce selling on various channels and into various markets both in store and on-line,  we feel we fully understand the issues faced by both customers and retailers in handling returns quickly, efficiently and at a cost-effective price.

Having been a seller ourselves through our own website and on various marketplaces including Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten etc. we fully appreciate that a reliable and efficient local returns solution is fundamental in ensuring high quality, hassle-free customer service and adds profit to the bottom line of your business,


Our returns service has been operating since March 2015 first in France & the UK and then shortly after that in Germany & Spain with Italy added from September 2015. From summer 2016 we  expanded to offer returns solutions in the USA & Canada and from January 2018 we are pleased to offer  Ezi Returns in Australia.

More locations are planned in the future so please ask.

Our growing number of happy customers is testament to our philosophy.

Keep it simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Our Locations
All of our partners are dedicated to bringing the best possible service to you.

France Returns Solution – French Returns Address & Processing
Our base in France is the company owner & MD is based. Located in the South West of France in the Pyrenees. English & French spoken. Daily postal services.

Germany Returns Solution – German Returns Address & Processing
Our base in Germany is with an experienced  on line retailer operating from an industrial unit near Hamburg with secure storage, logistics connections and English & German language capabilities

UK Returns Solution
Our UK returns address is based from a logistics company near Heathrow, London.

Spain – Ezi Returns Solution
Our returns address in Spain is a professional logistics company located in Southern Spain.   Spanish & English spoken. Daily Postal Services.

Italy Returns Solution
Our Italian returns address is located with a logistics company in Milan. English & Italian spoken. Daily postal services.

USA Returns Solution
We operate 2 return addresses in the USA. One in New Jersey and the other in Florida.

Canada Returns Solution
Our Returns address in Canada is an experienced logistics and mailing company located in Toronto.

Australia Returns Solution
Our Australian Returns Address is the latest addition to the Ezi Returns family


What we Offer

How it Works