About Us

image-2 Ezi Returns is a family run business based in the UK with a base in France and partners in Spain, Germany & Italy, USA & Canada

With over 18 years of retail experience behind us selling on various channels and into various markets both in store and on-line,  we feel we fully understand the issues faced by both customers and retailers in handling returns quickly, efficiently and at a cost-effective price.

Having been a seller ourselves through our own website and on various channels including Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten etc. we fully appreciate that a reliable and efficient local returns solution is fundamental in ensuring high quality, hassle-free customer service and adds profit to the bottom line of your business,


Our returns service has been operating since March 2015 first in France & the UK and then shortly after that in Germany & Spain with Italy added from September 2015. From May 2016 we are pleased to be able to offer the same service in the USA & Canada. We will also be adding more locations in the future so please ask.

Our growing number of happy customers is testament to our philosophy.

Keep it simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Our Locations
All of our partners are dedicated to bringing the best possible service to you.

France Returns Solution – French Returns Address & Processing
Our base in France is the company owner & MD is based. Located in the South West of France in the Pyrenees. English & French spoken. Daily postal services.

Germany Returns Solution – German Returns Address & Processing
Our base in Germany is with an experienced  on line retailer operating from an industrial unit near Hamburg with secure storage, logistics connections and English & German language capabilities

UK Returns Solution – UK Returns Address & Processing
Our retruns receiving address is based from a retail location near Huddersfield. Daily postal services.

Spain Returns Solution – Spanish Returns Address & Processing
Our partner in Spain is a professional logistics company located in Southern Spain offering secure storage, logistics expertise and experience. Spanish & English spoken. Daily Postal Services.

Italy Returns Solution – Italian Returns Address & Processing
We are pleased to offer a returns address in Italy for this important market from September 2015.

USA Returns Solution – USA Returns Address
Our returns processor in the States is an experienced on line retailer and mail order specialist based in Arizona

Canada Returns Solution – Canadian Returns Address
Our Returns processor in Canada is an experienced on line and mail order specialist based in Quebec

What we Offer

How it Works