Re Sell – Pick, Pack & Ship Service

Make Money from Your Returns

What is it?
Turn your returns into cash & profit by re selling your returned items we are holding for you. We pick, pack and send it to your new customer saving you time and money. Available in Germany, France, Italy, USA & Canada.

How it Works
We may be holding certain items of stock for you that previous customers have returned.  As long as the product is sale-able you can re list and re sell the product to a new customer rather than waiting for it to be returned to you.

Once you have re listed and sold your item you upload the order via a simple form on our website quoting the return id,  Item Name,  customer name, Address & tel no. and we do the rest.

We will e mail you back with tracking info if required once the order is dispatched.

Your customer gets their order usually 2 to 3 days quicker than if you has sent it yourself.

We charge a pick & pack fee plus shipping cost.
There are no storage fees.
Pick & Pack Fee 1st item min Order £1.50  / 1.80 euros
Pick & pack fee each additional item in same order £0.75  / 0,90 euros.

Fulfillment shipping costs available on request.

Save Money = Make profit
You save money and make more profit in several ways

1. No return postage back to you.
2. No expensive outbound postage.
3. No handling the returned item yourself.
4. Turn your stock into cash quicker helping cash flow and stock turnover.

No Long term contract, This is a pay as you go service, use it as you need to.
Orders are usually shipped within 2 working days of receiving order.
The prices do not include packaging. We may use recycled packaging in certain circumstances.
Size restrictions apply and certain product categories may not be suitable for this service.
To use our Re Sell service you must be on our grading service so we can establish items are of re sell-able quality and get approved for using the Re Sell Service.