FBA Returns Service

FBA Returns Service                                                                  

Ezi Returns can handle bulk return shipments from Amazon FBA centres or other locations for you. We have several service options available to receive, process, consolidate and ship your items to you.



Once registered and the one-off account set up fee is paid, we will provide you with the returns addresses needed for each country.

1.You create removal orders of your goods from Amazon to our local address in each country.
2. On arrival at our centres we process the shipments according to the service level chosen
3. You receive an email notifying you of arrivals. You can log into our portal to view the details at any time.
4. Once you are happy all items have arrived with us you can request shipment.
5. We request some information from you for customs purposes if required (see below)
6. We raise an invoice and once paid we arrange Shipment.

Our FBA Service Levels
FBA Basic – Only available for shipments within EU
We do not open the boxes or pallet son this service. WE record the tracking ref, RA# and weight from the outside of the package

FBA Standard – required for cross border shipments except within EU
We open the package, record the tracking ref, RA#, weight and scan or count the items.

FBA Grading – please contact us to discuss the grading service suitability for your products
We open the package, record the tracking ref, RA#, weight and scan or count the items and conduct a basic visual inspection and grade items according to the following criteria

A = Good – Re sell-able as it is, in our opinion with all labels, tags, packaging present
B = Good – Re sellable but may have missing or damaged tags, labels or packaging
C – Not sellable, possibly used, worn, damaged or defective


Size / Weight Limitations

We do not accept items with any dimensions larger than 120cm.
No prohibited items according to postal or courier services shall be accepted or processed.

In many cases we are unable to give a definite quote until we have all the items details such as dimensions, weights, destination address

Telephone Numbers
Please note that any telephone numbers we provide are only to be used for Amazon FBA removals or couriers. These must not be uploaded to your normal customer returns settings or made available to your customers or the public.

Customs Clearance of Returned Goods
For returns shipments it is your responsibility to be aware of and provide the information and documents needed for shipping items to your chosen destination. This would normally allow us to prepare a commercial invoice on your behalf to accompany the goods.

If the items originated from the destination we are shipping to then many countries operate a scheme for returned goods to be re imported without incurring any taxes and duties. For example in the EU there is a Returned Goods Relief Scheme for goods that were sent from the EU and then returned

You will need to ensure that all the correct information and paperwork is available for shipping back to your chosen destination country for clearance through customs. We will include or attach any paperwork required that you have provided.   This may include having such items as proof of original export for customs clearance to avoid duties and taxes if applicable to your destination.

If your items did not originate from your new destination for the goods you will more than likely be subject to paying taxes and duties as these will normally be treated as a new import. Most customs authorities hold the receiver responsible for proving the information on their goods and will hold them responsible for any taxes or duties they deem payable.

Any delays, costs or penalties incurred are not the responsibility of Ezi Returns, Get Out Ltd or any of its agents or partners.

PRICING – FBA Services
This is a pay as you go service. This means we only charge the monthly account fee for any months where items are received.  Example. We receive your FBA shipments in only 4 months of the year = 4 x monthly account fees plus processing fees.

Our FBA pricing is made up of 3 parts
1. Account fee – per month for Europe / per month for North America & Australia.
2. Box / Pallet Incoming Returns fee – applicable to all Services Plus FBA Standard / Grading service fee per item if you have chosen either of those services.
3. Consolidation & shipping – box or Pallet prep fee plus shipping.

Notes on Fees
If you are already using our returns service for your individual customer returns and paying our monthly account fee, your existing account fee covers our FBA service – No additional account fees will apply


Account Set Up Fee – One off fee to register 20.00 25.00
Monthly Account Fee
EU Account Includes  UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL, PT, POL
North America Account fee includes USA, CAN, AUS



Box Receiving fee per box – up to 2kg 1.50 2.00
Box Receiving fee per box – 2kg to 5kg 3.00 3.50
Box Receiving fee per box – 5kg to 10kg 5.00 5.75
Box Receiving fee per box – 10kg+ 10.00 11.50
Pallet Receiving fee per pallet 30.00 35.00


PROCESSING FEES – FBA Standard / Grading Services
FBA Standard Service – Count or Scan items – per item 0.25 0.30
FBA Grading Service – per item 2.10 2.60


Box Prep Fee – Standard – up to 60x40x40 3.00 3.50
Box Prep Fee – Large     >60x40x40 3.50 4.00
Pallet Prep Fee 18.00 20.00


Disposal fee per item
Subject to restrictions on certain items, sizes, etc.
0.25 0.30
Miscellaneous labour charges per hour 18.00 20.00
Pallet Storage Fee – per week or part of 4.50 5.00