Guidance Notes for EU Sellers Selling and Returning Goods Outside the EU

Returned Goods from Outside the EU

We are aware that many sellers may not be fully aware of their responsibilities or the issues when selling goods outside of the EU and also what may be required for the repatriation of returned goods from outside the EU.

Ezi Returns together with UKP Worldwide have prepared this basic overview to help sellers be ready to sell outside the EU and to point them in the right direction on what records they need to keep to be compliant with the regulations and how to go about repatriating returned goods which should free of duties and taxes.

You Need to

  • Get an EORI Number
  • Provide information for Repatriation of goods into the EU
  • Keep records

EORI Number Overview

The Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) is basically a method for tracking imports and exports within the EU.

An EORI number is assigned to an individual legal entity (i.e. sole trader, partnership, company or individual) by your local member state. (in the UK – by HMRC) Your EORI number is then used to identify you and your shipments across all EU countries.  It is just a number given to importers and exporters throughout Europe that can be easily and consistently identified by customs and if you are VAT registered will be similar to your VAT registration number.

Do I Need An EORI Number?

Although the official explanations are slightly more complicated, to keep things simple and easy to understand – if you are involved with imports OR exports to or from the EU, then you do need an EORI number, as without it you won’t be able to complete the Entry Summary Declaration or Exit Summary Declaration.

How Do I Get An EORI Number?

To get an EORI number, you simply fill in the application form and send it to HMRC.

And just to make it clear as there seems to be a lot of confusion about this – you don’t have to be a company to get an EORI number and can get one in the exact same way as an individual or sole trader and  whether VAT registered or not.

When Do I Need To Use My EORI Number?

You’ll need your EORI number pretty much every time you deal with customs as it must be included on all pre-arrival and pre-departure information on goods entering or leaving a customs territory of the European Community.

If it’s a business shipment, then your EORI number will be needed, regardless of the value of the order.

So that’s it really! There is nothing complicated about this at all. All you have to do is apply and get your unique number and that’s it!

Arranging shipment of your returned goods

Provide us with the information requested in csv/excel.

For customers using our US portal we are also able to set up automated data capture via ftp or API. Please ask for details.


Please note the terms below which form part of our terms & conditions

  1. Repatriation of goods to you

Ezi Returns, Get Out ltd or it’s partners or agents cannot be held responsible for any Taxes, duties charges or delays caused by or a result of actions by customs agents, shipping companies or government organizations. It is yours/ the customer’s responsibility to ensure all the correct information, paperwork or other materials are provided for shipment and passage of goods to your chosen country.

  1. Advice & Information limitations

Any advice, information or guidance provided is purely advice and does not form part of our agreement. We are more than willing to offer guidance and advice to sellers on many aspects and we also offer consultancy services to deliver such services. It is up the seller to ensure they are complying with all relevant laws, conditions, policies and other factors to operate in the regions or marketplaces they have chosen.

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