How it Works

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Depending on your needs you have the option to register for a French returns address, a German returns address, a UK returns address and a Spanish returns address or Italian returns address.  We now also offer a Canadian Returns address and an returns address in the USA.

You may then use the returns addresses on any marketplaces or selling channels so your customers have access to a hassle free returns service in their own country.

The Process
Most retailers use our Standard+ service which works like this.

When your customer returns their unwanted items to us
1. We Receive your customers Unwanted Item
We open the package, verify the item is present and feedback to you via e mail the following info
Order or Invoice Number, Customer Name, , Item Title or SKU, Date received

2.We add a reference number to the packet for future reference which is also recorded.

3. We then store the items free of charge for up to 90 days.

4. Consolidate & Ship.
We will set up a shipping schedule to suit your  needs. This can be timed. i.e Weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly or every 60 days etc or by volume or quantity. i.e. when a box or number of boxes are full or pallet full, etc.

We e mail you as soon as returns land with us so you can process your customer refund or exchange quickly.  You do not normally have to log into any system or check on the off chance whether something has arrived. (Our USA returns service varies slightly to this)

Other Returns Services

Basic Returns Service
This is a returns notification service only. We will not open the packets on this Service.  An order or reference number will be recorded from the outside of the package and sent to you.

Ad Hoc or Occasional Returns
We understand that for some sellers who may have very few returns that a service like ours may not suit you. If you have occasional returns across Europe and need to provide a pre pad label to your customer to get the goods back to you, we can help.

  • Go to ParcelABC
  • Register your Details
  • Enter your parcel weight & dimensions, collection address & delivery Address
  • Get 15% off your first order by entering the coupon code below at checkout

Bulk Stock / FBA receiving Service
If you use Amazon FBA or another fulfillment solution and need to have an address to remove stock to we can help. Read More

Re Sell – Pick, Pack & Send Fulfillment Service
 Turn your returns into cash quicker Our Re Sell Service gets your re sell-able returned items re sold quicker back into the market. More info here

What Next
We hope you are interested. Before we get started we would like a quick discussion to gauge the types of products you sell, estimate of volume for returns etc. and to allow you to ask any further questions. We can get you set up with your returns addresses usually wihtin 2 hours of your submitting your account form.

From the UK Please call 0161 883 2767
From outside the UK Please call +44 161 883 2767

or use our contact form