Our Customers

graphic_MFVUG2012Our steadily growing number of satisfied customers of various sizes includes sellers of Outdoor Equipment, Toys & Games, Fashion Accessories, Cleaning supplies, Gifts as well as Clothing & Footwear retailers plus much more.

Some of our customers have just occasional returns whilst a few others have significant returns due to the market sector and products sold. We  have a solution to suit all sized sellers.

If you are interested in using our services please fill in the contact form and after a quick chat to discuss your needs we can usually set you up the same day in whichever countries you require.

Our customers sell on a variety of channels plus their own web sites and we handle their returns from many marketplaces including. Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, CDiscount, Spartoo, and more.

Customer Testimonials & Feedback

We have been really impressed with Ezi Returns. They have made the whole return process really easy and helped grow our business.
Roger M
Clothing & Footwear Retailer


As a seller of footwear and the associated exchanges for size etc our percentage of returns is higher than average. Couple this with sales in our home market making up less than 30% of our overall then International returns have always been a challenge for us to control effectively and still give customers the level of service that we like to. We had worked hard to develop our own network of return options in market which was working but was different in every territory with different service levels and processes. Almost by accident I came across Ezi Returns which seemed to be exactly what we needed.  Set up was simple across 4 European marketplaces and nine months in the system works smoothly and effectively. Individual queries (on the odd occasion they occur) are handled quickly and efficiently and overall the entire process has integrated with our own. All in all highly recommend !

Jon U
Footwear Retailer


We are an online clothing company primarily selling on Amazon and on Ebay marketplaces. We started using Ezi returns earlier this year due to problems we were having with our international returns. It would take a long time for the parcels to get delivered to us in particular from customers in Canada and US. Ezi returns has made our returns process a lot simpler for our customers and for us. They update us on all returning items regularly which allows us to record and issue our refunds within a few days, meaning our customers are kept happy and are inclined to leave positive comments about us and our service.

Jade D
Fashion Retailer


We have been working with Ezi Returns for over 12 months now. They have proven to offer a reliable and flexible service to a number of our clients who being sellers on marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay etc. need a robust returns solution for their international expansion plans.

Jonathan B
International Mailing Specialist


“ Ezi Returns has been just that – easy. When Amazon first explained that to comply with legislation, we would require to have local return addresses in the EU countries we sold to, we wondered how we could ever make that work and keep selling to these countries. However, from setting up the return addresses in Germany and France for us to shipping back any returns, the whole process with Ezi Returns has been simple and smooth. A spreadsheet sent to us via email notifies us when a returned item has been received in France/Germany so that we can deal promptly with the refund for the customer. Any time we have a question, its answered quickly and courteously. Ezi Returns has been a great solution to what at first seemed like a huge problem and has enabled us to continue to grow our sales in Europe.”

Graham A
Sports Equipment retailer


I can seriously vouch for Ezi Returns! We’ve been using their French, Italian and German services and receive constant updates about what’s arrived so we can act accordingly. Simple, easy and reliable. Good to see you posting here, Mark!

Electronics Equipment Retailer

I would also like to vouch for Ezi Returns.

They are our managed returns partner for the eTail USA tracked parcel service.

Mark provides a great service and based on his many years in retail really knows his stuff.

If you don’t have a returns facility in place you should definitely consider Ezi Returns, you will certainly be in safe hands.

Peter W
International Mailing Specialist