Terms & Conditions

Get Out Ltd – Ezi Returns – Terms & Conditions
These terms & conditions form part of the agreement and contract between us, known as Get Out Ltd trading as Ezi Returns a UK registered business, or Ezi Returns Europe SARL a French registered business and you, our customer. During the registration process we will establish with you which business your account will be registered with for invoicing and payment purposes.
2. Our Commitment to you
Get Out Ltd agrees for the duration of the agreement to process any returned items as efficiently and professionally as possible in accordance to the service signed up to in as far as we can control.
3. Privacy
Get Out ltd trading as Ezi Returns / Ezi Returns Europe SARL will not pass on any of your information to any unrelated 3rd parties. We
may share your contact details with relevant partners who we have selected as offering complimentary
services or products or have entered into a partnership agreement with. Please see below for our full privacy policy.
4. Limitations on Items
Size & Weight limitations- We do not accept items with any dimensions larger than 120cm. Max weight for
our customer returns service on Basic, Standard+ or Grading services are 5kg. Items greater than 5kg in
weight will be treated and charged for according to our FBA / Bulk pricing and service.
No prohibited items are accepted as according to postal or courier services shall be accepted or processed.
5. Insurance
Get Out Ltd / Ezi Returns Europe SARL will insure all items from the time they arrive at our premises to the time they are dispatched
or disposed of. Insurance during transit/shipping to or from us is not included. This can be added with the
courier at time of selecting courier or shipping service upon your instruction.
6. Return Shipment to you
We will package your items for return to you and organise the most cost-effective courier service. You will
be charged a handling fee as stated in the pricing per box or per pallet plus cost of shipping. We will
arrange the shipment without extra insurance cover. If you require such cover or any other special
services, it is your responsibility to inform us of this and we will arrange and pass this cost on.
Get Out Ltd / Ezi Returns Europe SARL will store items received free of charge. We reserve the right to apply storage fees for items
that are left with us in excess of 60 days. We will inform you of our intention to charge any such fees once
60 days has passed after which you will have 14 days to instruct us on shipment to avoid such charges.
8. Invoicing & Payment
8a. invoices will be raised either by the 7th of each month for the previous calendar month or as each
shipment of consolidated returns leave us. Invoices will include account details for where payment are to
be made. Payment of any invoices must be made by the due date shown on the invoice.
Failure to pay within the terms stated can result in disruption to your account and suspension of services with us.
For any accounts outside of our terms stated on the invoice we reserve the right to suspend return processing activities,
suspend portal access and suspend any shipments.
We reserve the right to invoice and get payment in advance for certain customers or services.
For any invoices where payment terms are exceeded by more than 30 days past due date we reserve the right to charge
interest at 2% above UK base rate.
8b. Payment methods are determined by your location. For EU & UK accounts we require a Direct debt to be set up
enabling automatic payments to be collected from your bank. Your bank will need to be part of
SEPA to enable this. If you are unable to set up a direct debit you will be required to pay an account
deposit. See below. Non-EU customers can pay by either bank transfer, Paypal or Payoneer. Some methods
will incur payment charges to cover excess fees incurred,
8c. Account Deposits are required for non-EU customers or those customer unable to set up a direct debit.
We require this deposit on your account to allow us to operate your account smoothly. We do not offer
accounts without a deposit to non-EU customers. Any invoices raised will need to be paid for by agreed
payment method under our normal terms. If you decide to close your account your deposit will be
returned less any outstanding amounts due to us that are unpaid.
Please note from 2019 other payments methods will be introduced
9. Review of pricing & Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to review agreements and/or pricing at our discretion. Any changes in pricing or
terms & conditions will be communicated via email, via our website giving 30 days’ notice of any changes.
10. Contract Term & Notice
This agreement is a rolling agreement. Either party can terminate the agreement at any time by giving 30
days written notice (via e ail) At the end of the cancellation period the customer must remove the returns
address from their sales channels.
11. Repatriation of goods to you
Ezi Returns, Get Out ltd / Ezi Returns Europe SARL or its partners or agents cannot be held responsible for any Taxes, duties charges
or delays caused by or a result of actions by customs agents, shipping companies or government
organizations. It is your/the customer’s responsibility to ensure all the correct information is provided for
shipment of your items to your chosen country.
12. Advice & Information limitations
Any advice, information or guidance provided is purely advice and does not form part of our agreement.
We are more than willing to offer guidance and advice to sellers on many aspects and we also offer
consultancy services to deliver such services. It is up the seller to ensure they are complying with all
relevant laws, conditions, policies and other factors to operate in the regions or marketplaces chosen.
13. Returns arriving at our locations with unpaid postage.
Please note that some of your customers may try to send a package with a courier unpaid for payment on
delivery at the destination. It is important to remember we will never accept any such deliveries. In these
cases the delivery will be refused and the courier is then likely to take the item back to their depot and
then arrange re sending back to the customer at his expense.
14. Shipping Notes, Terms & Conditions
14.1 Shipping charges are subject to change at any time without notice.
14.2 Weights and prices shown are based on single box / package consignments. Discounts may be
available on certain routes for multiple box shipments and these will be passed on whenever possible.
14.3 Volumetric, Cubed or dimensional Rate charging.
On certain routes shipping is charged by the higher of actual weight or volumetric weight. Generally
speaking if you have light but bulky packages the volumetric weight will be applied.
As of May 2018 the following applies to shipments from
Germany – Flat rates
All Other Countries – Volumetric weight charging applies The higher of actual or volumetric weight will be
charged. To Calculate volumetric weight, multiply the length x width x height and then divide total by 5000.
Result is chargeable weight.
example – Box at 70x50x50cm = 175,000 divide by 5000 = 35kg chargeable weight
14.4 Boxes & Packaging Used.
Our Standard sized boxes are up to 60x40x40cm
Our Large sized boxes used are larger in volume than the Standard box above and approx. 70c50x50cm
Pallet sizes are 120x80cm with maximum height of 180cm for road freight
Pallet sizes for Air Freight max height is 155cm including pallet
We may use recycled or used boxes to reduce waste, costs and for environmental reasons.
14.5 Insurance
Standard Insurance of 10 euros or £9.00 per kg is included.
If additional insurance is required this needs to be notified at time of setting up account or in advance of
any shipments. We cannot be held responsible for any losses due to or caused by couriers or shipping
companies. We will process claims for losses with our couriers to the best of our ability.
14.6 3rd Party Courier Collections
We do not allow 3rd party courier collections unless by special arrangement
14.7 Customs Clearance Information, Taxes & Duties
Ezi Returns, Get Out ltd or its partners or agents cannot be held responsible for any Taxes, duties charges
or delays caused by or a result of actions by customs agents, shipping companies or government
organizations. It is yours/ the customer’s responsibility to ensure all the correct information is provided for
shipment of your items to your chosen country.
3a.Full Privacy Policy – Get Out Ltd (T/A Ezi Returns) & Ezi Returns Europe SARL
This Privacy Policy sets out the data processing practices of Get Out Ltd (Company Number 3883695)
trading as Ezi Returns and Ezi Returns Europe SARL.
Please note that all data thus captured will be used and held in accordance with the
requirements of the GDPR implemented May 2018.
Ezi Returns is the controller and processor of your data. The company is involved in cross border trading,
however the main establishment and therefore our lead supervisory authority is in the UK.
If you have any requests concerning your personal data or queries with regard to how we handle your data
you can contact Lorna Burch at info@ezireturns.com.
Data Held
We hold the business contact details of the company or organisation which have been obtained directly
from the applicant when completing the account application form. This information includes contact
name(s), account’s address, return’s address, telephone numbers, email addresses and tax reference
number. This information is used for invoicing purposes and to create shipments. This information is
therefore held and used within a contract lawful basis as it is essential to carry out the service that we offer
to our customers.
We also hold certain limited pieces of end user / retailers customers data including name, address, e mail
address order/RA or invoice numbers. This information is used only for the purpose of providing our
service to retailers. None of this information is made available to any other unrelated third party and for
the purpose of this policy is treated in the same way as our other data in all other aspects.
The information is held on various cloud based software systems which are listed below
Our email communications are used to inform all contacts of changes and improvements to our service
which is vital to our service and within a contract lawful basis essential to carry out the service that we
offer to our customers. We do not rent or sell any email or contact information.
Contact details, returns address and tax references are accessed by our various partner hubs when
organising shipments back from their centres. This is done by restricted access to our software to obtain
the information that they require within a contract lawful basis to carry out the service that we offer to our
The hub partners subscribe to follow strict data protection regulations as laid out by GDPR and are
contractually bound to agree to not share any customer data. This is part of the Partner Hub Agreement
We also have a number of affiliate parents that offer services that are pertinent to cross border trading
with which we share contact details within a consent lawful basis. There is a consent option to ‘Opt In’ to
this sharing of data in the account application form.
Data is held with us until a customer closes their account and no longer require our services. The data is
then permanently deleted from our records on both the Zoho Creator software and our CRM Programme.
All records of any historical shipments from the partner hubs will also be permanently deleted after 6
Individual Rights
The GDPR includes the following rights for individuals:
the right to be informed;
the right of access;
the right to rectification;
the right to erasure;
the right to restrict processing;
the right to data portability;
the right to object; and
the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including
If a customer is unhappy with any aspect of our handling of their data they can make a complaint to the
Information Commissioner’s Office – https://ico.org.uk/concerns/
Changes to the privacy policy
This privacy policy is regularly reviewed and will be updated when necessary. If we make any significant
changes to the policy we will communicate these to our customers. This policy was last reviewed in May
2018 by Lorna Burch (Director)
List of systems in use containing data
UKP Worlwide Returns Portal
Zoho Books
Zoho Creator
Courier Systems including DHL, DPD, Collisimo, Fedex, PrcelABC,
Wordpress / Mailpoet
Rebound Intelligent Returns Portal

Get Out Ltd is registered in England & Wales. Registration no. 3883695.
The Oaks, Calverhall, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 4PE UNITED KINGDOM

Ezi Returns Europe SARL is registered in France. Siret number 843 956 384.
Registered Address. Avenue Jean Jaures, Bagneres de Luchon, 31110, France.