Help, Ideas  & Suggestions for Sellers affected by Coronavirus

We understand that many of our customers will be experiencing very difficult times in your business due to the current situation affecting much of the world.  We are 100% confident that e commerce will actually be one of the sectors to recover and flourish quickly as the situation stabilizes, we want to assure you we are here for you in good times and bad.

Ezi Returns is an ethical and conscientious business with roots in retail and e commerce.  We understand the pressures our sellers face from first hand experience and are here to support you during these unprecedented circumstances..  Whilst we cannot offer extended payment terms we are implementing some measures to help you through this period from 01 April 2020.

Below is what we are doing currently to help and further down the page are some ideas, Suggestion and links to help you.

What Ezi Returns are Doing

Account Pausing - If you receive no returns or think you need to pause your account whilst the situation evolves please let us know. There is no need to cancel your account. We will not charge any monthly account fee from 01 April on paused accounts until further notice for any sellers for whom we do not receive and process any returns. There is no commitment required on your part and you can later cancel, continue pausing or re activate your account at any time. This means you can keep the return addresses in place while the situation stabilizes.   The account Pausing option is available for the whole months of April & May

Free storage - For any sellers pausing their account or if for any reason we are unable to ship due to restrictions in place by either courier, national, local or authorities. We will NOT impose any storage fees.

What you need to do.
  • If you want to pause your account please e mail us.
  • All other actions stated above will be implemented without any further action needed by you.
  • Please inform us if you are unable to receive shipments so we can hold shipments for you.

Please note if you have not informed us of closures at your delivery address and shipments are returned to the sending hub by courers due to the receivig address being closed or on restricted / reduced hours the cost of this will have to be passed to you.

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Ideas, Suggestions and links to help Businesses affected
Under Construction
Most governments have, or are in the process of preparing aid packages for the economy in general and specific help for businesses and employees, including;

Deferment schemes to delay paying taxes including VAT,  employment taxes and social security.
Employee pay
Business Rates relief
Grant Funding & other loan schemss

Many banks have stated they will treat affected businesses sympathetically including;
  • Fees waiving or reductions
  • Flexible loan or overdraft facilitates and relaxing of terms

Funding solutions
The following are just some of the options you can look at for providing additional funding for working capital from your sales incomce

Paypal credit

Country Specific Schemes & Links
EU Countries