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  • Return Addresses in 16 Countries (and growing)

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International Returns Handling Management

If you sell on line we can help with your international returns.

Ezi Returns offer local return addresses in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain,  Sweden, UAE, UK & USA.
(more countries being added)

We also offer other return services such as Amazon FBA removals and return label solutions in many other European countries where we do not have physical addresses.

We process your customers unwanted items quickly and cost effectively so you can deal with your customers refunds and exchanges professionally resulting in an improved experience for all.

Turn your international returns into a positive experience for your customers and your business.

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All your returns needs in one solution

We can receive your returns from all marketplaces, your own website, your retailers, Amazon FBA, etc.

Notifications of new returns

We notify you when returns are received so you can deal with your customer refunds and exchanges quickly.

We can save you money!

Your customers can return unwanted items in their local country for less.

We consolidate and ship back to you in bulk saving money!

Better Customer Service

Your customers are far happier returning in their local country. Better customer service = better feedback - more business!

Comply with marketplace Return Policies

Using our services for example helps you comply with Amazon's International returns policy.

Manage your Returns in our online Portal

View, filter, export and manage your returns in our easy to use customer portal.

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Our Services

Our range of services covers the following


Customers return their unwanted items to us.

We process, consolidate and ship back to you.


We can receive your FBA removals, consolidate
and ship back to you.

Return Label Services

We offer optional free-post return labels through a dedicated , branded label portal. Read more...


Ezi Fulfillment services
are available in many
of our locations.

Our philosophy

Keep it simple, efficient and cost-effective.

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