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 Available countries

Which countries do you accept and process returns in?

We have physical hubs in the following locations, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UAE, United Kingdom, & USA.

In Europe we also offer label services from many other countries to get returns to the nearest Ezi hub.

I’m not located in one of those countries, is it still possible to consolidate in my country? (i.e. seller is located outside of EU)

Yes we can send your returns to most countries from our returns processing hubs.


Do you provide labels?

Yes, if required we can provide you with a dedicated, unique label portal that can be branded for your business.  You or your customers can generate labels to our hubs. By default these are on a freepost, drop off service. That is, they are free to your customer and charged to your account.  We do have other options available, please ask for more information on our label services. 

Do we or our customers have to use your labels?

No, we do not insist on you using our labels.  You or your customer can send their unwanted items to us by any post or courier method.  It is important to ensure the address and the instructions you supply includes your trading name or registered account code, so we can identify it on arrival.

How quickly are the returns processed after arriving?

The vast majority of returns are processed on the same day of arrival.  Our hubs are aware that speedy processing is essential to your customer service. 90% of returns should be processed within 24 hours (1 working day) of arrival.  The rest should be processed within 48 hours (2 working days) of arrival.

These times can be exceeded at certain times of the year such as around local holidays or peak times such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

Due to the various times of day that post or courier deliveries may arrive at various hubs, these times may vary slightly.

Can we use Ezi Returns for FBA Removals?

Yes absolutely, we can accept your FBA removals, consolidate and ship back to you. Full details of our FBA services are availablehere.

 Limitations regarding returned items

Are there any weight or size limitations per individual return?

The maximum size of any item we accept is 120cm maximum length. Individual items in excess of 5kg will be subject to either a surcharge or charging as per our FBA / bulk package fees. Please ask for details.

What happens when an item exceeds the weight/size limitation?

The item may still be accepted at our returns hubs but subject to either an oversized or FBA processing fee. Each location has the right to reject deliveries that do not meet our limits.

Are there limitations regarding types of returned items?

We do not accept items in excess of our maximum dimensions stated above this includes items such as furniture, carpets, industrial machinery, etc.

We do not accept any items prohibited by couriers or postal services. If you are at all unsure please contact us for clarification.

Can Ezi Returns handle fragile items?

Please contact us to discuss the nature of your items.

 Fees, invoicing, and payment

Which currency can we be invoiced and pay in?

When you sign up with us you can choose invoicing and payment in either GBP, Euros, or US Dollars.

Do your prices change at all?

We review and implement any price changes usually from January 1st each year although we reserve the right to change any fees at any time. Any price changes will be published 30 days in advance of any changes on the customer portal and our website (shipping prices can change without notice).

How are we invoiced?

Usually you will receive a monthly invoice detailing the returns processed in each country, any shipments made plus any other services. For certain customers and certain shipments you will receive invoices in advance for shipments.

How do we pay Ezi Returns?

The payment methods available are determined according to your location.

For UK & EU based customers
We require an automated direct debit to be set up. This takes just 2 minutes to set up on line. It is convenient for all and totally secure. Direct debits enable us to collect payments for your invoices approximately 15 days after the invoice date. 

Non-EU based customers
We have several payment methods available for Non EU based customers including paying into local USD bank accounts in the USA, our Euro account in Europe or by Payoneer.

For all customers based outside the EU or unable to set up a direct debit we require a deposit to be paid in order to complete the set up process and use our services.

The deposit allows us to operate your account smoothly.  We do not offer credit accounts without an account deposit in place. The credit is kept as a deposit on your account.  The account deposit is not used against your invoices. If you decide to close your account your deposit will be returned less any outstanding amounts due to us that are unpaid.

Any invoices raised will need to be paid for by agreed payment method within the terms shown on your invoices.

Can I make a payment on account up front to use against invoices raised?

Yes, if you wish to pay a larger amount as a payment on account to use against future invoices that is fine and we can allocate invoices against your balance as raised. 

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are usually 15 days from invoice date. It is vital to ensure your account remains within the payment terms to avoid any disruption to your services or account. 

How do I close my account?

If you want to close your account you must first inform us in writing by email to info@ezireturns.com giving at least 30 days notice. On receipt of us confirming receipt of your email you must ensure that our addresses are removed from all your sales channels immediately.

After the closure date has been reached and all invoices have been paid we will ship back any remaining items and close your account.

If invoices remain unpaid and/or we continue to receive items for you charges will continue to be incurred and recovery action for unpaid invoices will be started.

If you have paid an account deposit this will be returned to you (less any outstanding amounts due)  by the 7th of the following month after your closure date.


How often are returns shipped back to us?

We ship items back to you on a shipping rule best suited to your volumes, items and location. Generally speaking we offer either a volume type shipment or scheduled time shipments.

Volume type shipping rule such as 'box full' or 'pallet full' means items are shipped automatically once the box/pallet are filled. This works well for many of our customers and takes account of seasonal variations,


We can set up a timed shipment such as weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, or every 60 days.

Is it possible to change how often the consolidated returns are shipped to me?

Yes, for most locations* we can set up a shipping schedule to suit your volumes & requirements. This will be discussed with you during the set up of your account. (*USA - NJ has fixed shipping schedules)

Which couriers do you use?

We use various couriers from various locations including the most well known names such as DHL, UPS, USPS, Fedex, GLS, Colissimo, DPD, and many more.

The choice of the most suitable courier is down to the local hubs.

Can we arrange our own collections with our own couriers from Ezi Returns?

Unfortunately not, many of our hub locations are logistics companies and for maximum efficiency we only arrange shipment through our hub partners or direct ourselves.

How much does shipping cost?

Our shipping prices are available on request. Shipping prices can change without notice.

What Insurance cover is in place for shipping insurance?

Standard rates of cover are in place for any lost shipments unless extra insurance has been requested and paid for. The standard rate is 9.00 GBP/10.00 euros or 12.00 USD per kg.

Proof or cost/purchase price such as purchase invoice for any lost shipment will be required to settle any claim we have with a courier.

How do I provide the customs information in a commercial invoice?
Some shipments of your returned goods may require customs information in order to be shipped. In most cases this will depend on your location and where the goods are being shipped from. 

We will send you a commercial invoice to fill in the necessary customs information to get your goods ships.

You will need to provide the following information on every item in the shipment

  • Order number

  • Description of the item

  • The value of the item (RRP)

  • HS/commodity code  - this is the code that customs uses to monitor the import and export of goods.  To find out what code customs have assigned to your products use this linkhere.

  • The evidence of the original export.  This is the name and address of the customer that you originally sent the item to,  the courier used, date shipped and the tracking reference or equivalent. This is needed as evidence of the original export.  When you provide this information your shipment back is then classed as a reimport and should not be subject to customs duties and taxes.

Do you charge storage fees?

We do not charge storage fees for returns that are being shipped back to you. 

We charge storage fees however in certain circumstances where for example a shipment is prepared but cannot be shipped due to non payment or delayed customs paperwork from you, etc.  Weekly storage fees will be charged after 2 weeks of shipments being prepared.

We charge storage fees for customers using our Re sell and fulfillment services for stored stock items, please ask for details.

 Product Databases

Why do I need to provide a product database?
We have been developing a new returns management system that will offer many new features and provide a faster and more accurate means of processing and shipping returned goods. This requires product data to be in place so the arrival process is as smooth and accurate as it can be. This brings us in line with how most Return management companies operate.

We feel that while many sellers have different products, requirements, and means of running their own operation, this method will bring the most benefit to the most number of sellers and our hubs. For unique cases, there are always alternatives.

So overall the benefits are:
  • Faster and more accurate processing of your returns.
  • More accurate processing of resell/fulfillment orders.
  • Less queries on returns allowing you to process refunds and exchanges quicker.
  • Automated generation of commercial invoices for cross border shipments.

All this saves you time and money and ultimately provides a better service from us to you and to your customers.
What is the data used for?
When a return arrives at one of our hubs, a bar code is scanned in the majority of cases, if not on the item then on the return packaging. Being able to match this to an existing item gives our hub staff all they need to know on what the item should be, along with if it matches the goods that are supposed to be returned. This can highlight errors or fraud when incorrect goods are returned by mistake or malice.  The result tis more accurate product data as well as providing meaningful data about your returns allowing you to address issues with certain items or identify trends.

The data is also used when returned goods need to be shipped cross border as it allows us to create Commercial Invoices instantly, automatically, and accurately, without requesting additional data from you and then waiting for that data to be inputted into our system. The non-barcode mandatory fields of the database are used for this, and so some sellers whose returned goods do not need to cross borders may not need all the columns filled in (though we still recommend you do so for identification purposes).
My returns do not cross an international border. Do I need to provide the database?

Yes. While some of the columns highlighted as mandatory may not be needed due to no Commercial Invoice needing to be created, we still need a list of barcodes, and preferably SKU information as well, to help with identification. Without this, our hub partners will need to input item data manually, which will slow down the process and may introduce errors. If there is any mandatory data you cannot provide and you do not cross international borders (e.g. EU only customers), then let us know and we can advise you based on your situation.

Can we stick to the old way of doing things?

Ultimately, no. As we’re developing a new and better system for return management, the old method of doing things on our previous portal will slowly be depreciated. As we sunset this older system, our new system will take over, and while the change may be new and unfamiliar for some of our customers, we’ll be on hand to receive feedback, add features, and make changes to keep the user experience as smooth as possible. We ask for your patience and understanding while this transitional process is underway.

Our database changes all the time, so importing once would be pointless!

Some data will always be better than no data at all, so even if this is likely to go out of date, we still ask that you send it to us. In the future, we plan on adding systems that will allow you to export and update your product data yourselves, so updating it on mass or individually will be possible. Integration with us is also a preferred alternative as this works dynamically updating your products with us, adapting to any changes you may make. Until then, you can send your product data to us and we will import it for you. This also helps us to manage the data as some checks are required before it can be imported. We can also test our new system to account for the many different situations we encounter with different sellers products.

What is a ‘Primary Barcode’?

The Primary Barcode column on our Product Database is only called this as we can use it to match and update products via subsequent imports for those who use their barcodes as their primary identifiers for their products. Otherwise, when a product is scanned all the barcode fields are checked, so if one type of barcode is included on the box and another on the item, you can add one to the primary and the other to the Barcode 2 column and both will be checked. Outside of it being used for a unique identifier, there is no specific ‘type’ of barcode that is required for the primary column.

We cannot provide some of the data. What do we do?
Let us know your situation and reason you cannot provide the data while providing what you can. Many of the mandatory columns in the template are used only for Commercial Invoices, so they may not be needed if your returns do not cross a border. Some sellers do not use the barcode for example, or ship unique goods, and in such cases, the SKU may be used instead, or other similar workarounds.
We do not want to provide our product database. What happens?
If for some reason you do not want to or are not able to provide the product database this will mean we may have to review your pricing and services from us to reflect the extra work involved. This may mean an increase in processing fees and may also incur charges for tasks such as invoice generation, query resolution if being integrated would have avoided such fees or queries.

Any increased fees will be communicated to you with a minimum of  30 days’ notice of any changes.

Fees for manual/non-integrated or no database provided customers, processing costs will be approximately 10% higher.
How will integrating help with this?
Integration is the preferred option over the product databases, but not everyone can integrate with us. Integrating allows us to fetch product information at the moment of arrival and scanning, as well as fetching the product database periodically as needed, if no barcodes are available. If you are already integrated, you do not need to provide a Product Database (unless it is via the Spreadsheet Rest-API method). If you are not integrated, please have a look at our integrations page to see if we currently integrate with your order management system.
How is the data stored? Is it GDPR compliant?
You can view our privacy policy for details on how we store all the data we manage, but suffice to say, as a company that is based in and operates out of the EU, yes we are GDPR compliant, and we take data protection very seriously. 


Can a customer drop off a package at one of the return addresses?

Unfortunately this is not allowed. Our locations are not set up for the general public to visit.  Also for your customers’ protection they are recommended to use a courier or postal service which can provide proof of post and delivery in the event of any dispute.

Are the returns traceable?

For returns using labels generated on our system, you or your customer can track these.  Once processed at our hub you will have access to your returns report to see all items that have arrived and been processed.

What happens if a return from the buyer doesn’t arrive at the return address?

If a return was sent by your customers' own choice of post or courier service it is their responsibility to resolve.  If using a label generated on our system we will endeavour to trace the item. 

Sometimes packages do show as arrived but may not actually have arrived at the correct address.

What happens if a customer does not address the package correctly or does not include any paperwork?

We require all packages to include your agreed Ezi trading name or Ezi account code so we can allocate the item to your account and process it correctly.  If items arrive incorrectly addressed or without paperwork we cannot process it on your account correctly.

In such cases we record what information is available such as a tracking reference under our Query Account. If you cannot find an expected return registered on your account then please contact us and we can check the query account to see if it has arrived incorrectly addressed or without paperwork.

What happens if my customer claims a return has arrived at the hub but I cannot see it on my portal?

We sometimes receive returns that are not correctly addressed or labelled and possibly without paperwork and so may be unable to identify which seller the return is for. 

In such cases we will register the return in our Query Account with whatever information we have  You do not have access to this account

If you receive this sort of claim from your customer please email us provide the  following information. If it has indeed arrived this will help us identify it.

  • Customer name

  • Country

  • Order number

  • RA number

  • Item

  • Tracking info

Please submit each query on a separate email, do not re-use old threads or previous conversations to ensure we can deal with it as quickly as possible.

If your customer has proof of delivery in any case we would not recommend delaying the refund. Proof of delivery in any resulting claim usually results in the claim being awarded in the customers favour on Amazon for example.

Can you dispose of my items if they are not wanted back?

Yes, by agreement in advance we can dispose of items if shipping is not required. Please ask for further details and costs.

Is there any sort of stock liquidation or resale service for items we do not want shipped back

In certain countries we may be able to liquidate or resell your items for you through a third party. Please contact us for further information.

How do we start?

To get started contact ushereand we will send you a link to fill in the account application form.

Once we have your payment method (and account deposit if required) in place we will send you the return addresses. Your Ezi portal access will follow shortly after and if required your label portal access will follow within 5 working days.

We can get most sellers set up in 24 hours.