Our Returns Service Pricing is Made Up of Three Parts

1. Monthly Account Fee

A standing monthly account fee is charged. Choose from Europe, North America & Australia or an all inclusive Worldwide Account.

2. Processing Fee

Different service levels can be chosen in different countries.   Various  service levels to choose from to suit your needs.

3. Consolidation &  Shipping 

We consolidate your items, you are charged a box / pallet consolidation 
& prep fee plus the shipping charge.

Plus Optional Services

Customer Returns Processing fees

Return Labels

If required you can have your own dedicated label portal where you or your customer can generate return labels.

Disposals, Donations, Resell services, etc

Other Services

Order Fulfillment - B2B & B2C

Available in Australia Canada, France, Germany,  Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain,  Switzerland, UK, USA, see here for more details

FBA Bulk Stock Receiving Service 

We can process your FBA stock removals, see Here

Item Liquidation, Disposal & Donation to Charity

For more information and pricing on any of the above please  Contact Us

Terms & Conditions

For our Terms & Conditions please Click Here