Integrations & Partners

We have teamed up with a number of businesses who offer various products and services to make life easier and more profitable for international sellers

Please click the logos above to view the setup instructions for each integration. 

You can find a list of the fields our integrations require over here.

Our Integrations
We require all sellers to integrate with us through one of our purpose built integrations for popular store/order management systems or via our Rest API. 

To see how the connection works when using the Ezi Label Portal to generate labels see the video below. However, you do not have to use our labels for the integration to work. Later in the video you will see how the returns data is captured in the returns portal even if you do not use our labels.
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Other Integrations + Rest API

We’ll be working through all the popular store/order management systems and implementing integrations as we go, targeting the tools most used by our customers first.

If your system is bespoke and not currently integrated with us, you can connect via our Rest API. This will allow you to automatically send your order details to us. Alternatively, we have a file upload method that allows you to submit a CSV file of orders.
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For non-label portal users

For label portal users

Upcoming integrations

These are integrations we are actively working on and hope to get up and running with soon.
If your integration is not live, please let us know what you use and we’ll send you an email when it is ready.
Automated label generation through our label portal, saving you time

More accurate and comprehensive return information making it easier for you to process refunds & exchanges

Less admin time in preparing info for shipping and customs purposes
Fewer queries and less incomplete data regarding returns and shipments


Foreign Currency Exchange

Save time and money on paying and getting paid in multiple currencies. Receive funds from international marketplaces or customers avoiding poor exchange rates into a local bank account and transfer at your convenience, or pay suppliers and other Payoneer users such as Ezi Returns quickly & easily without fees.

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Foreign Currency Exchange

Give your profit margins a further boost.
We’ve teamed up with award-winning currency specialist World First for both our own and our customers’ benefit by using their excellent currency exchange services to save money when paying or being paid in foreign currencies.
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UK to USA Small Packet Shipping

UKP offer small package shipping services ideal for publishers and eCommerce sellers looking at sending bulk consignments into USA with direct injection into USPS system and elsewhere. UKP cover the whole process including customs clearance to allow your goods to reach the end user within approximately 5 days.

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UK to USA Small Packet Shipping

If you are based in the UK and looking for a cost effective and reliable service for small packets into USA, eTail-USA can help. From collection to the ‘final mile’ USPS mail man delivering the parcel to your customer typically 4 to 5 days later, the entire delivery process is completely visible via eTail’s own website tracking facility.
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International VAT Services

Simply VAT provide international VAT services including VAT registrations, VAT returns and reporting such as Intrastat and EC Sales Lists in many countries ensuring you are compliant throughout your international sales expansion.

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Interested in partnering with Ezi Returns?

If your business offers products and services beneficial to ecommerce sellers and you share a common aim to offer recommendations for mutual benefit then please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Please note:

This is a one way connection initially meaning that once connected, our system sends a request based on an order number for example. We then receive the required details for the returns process relevant to that order.

Privacy & Data Protection 
We are governed and abide by strict data privacy policies and laws including GDPR compliance. You can be assured we never pass on any data of any type to any other party other than what is required for shipping and customs processes.

Basic Service 
If you are on our basic service, please be aware that the hubs do not open the packages on that service so the data being pulled through may contain more than 1 item. If this will be an issue for you, you will need to upgrade to use our label portal in order to pre-register returns or to upgrade to the Standard+ service where we open the packages and verify the contents. We can review this at any point in the future.

Do you need to integrate? 
In short, yes. Even if you do not use our labels, are only on an FBA or Basic service, or any other reason you feel that integration would grant you little benefit, we can assure you that integrating speeds up every part of our process, no matter the service. We’ll require all sellers to integrate with us over the coming months, as most returns services already do. Shipping and courier services are moving this way for full visibility and automation of shipping and customs processes. This also improves the whole returns process in terms of accuracy and speed, providing a better experience for you, us, and your customers.
For sellers that won't or can't integrate, we can still offer some of our services, but these will be higher priced than those sellers who are integrated to account for the higher amount of work required.

Product Databases 
Without an integration, we will need a product database. You can find more information about this on here.