Return Label Solutions

Make returns hassle-free with your very own dedicated and fully branded label portal!
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Key features

Generate free post labels effortlessly, or let customers create their own in their preferred language, all via your own website with our embedded label portal for a streamlined experience.

Ezi access
Provide a seamless user journey for your customers as they can access the portal directly from your website

Fully branded
The label portal is customisable with your own logo and brand image, and automatically displays in your customers local language

Ezi + efficient

Fast, easy, and immediate label generation with details emailed to your customer to print off or refer to at a later date

Drop off display

Local drop off points will be displayed to your customer to choose from

Customer can track the return parcel from the same portal

Pay as you go
You are only charged for the labels used

Postal preferences
Choose from Free post, Customer Pays, or Self Post labels to suit your returns policy
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Our labels are available in all EU countries, even those in which we do not have a physical returns address. 
These labels are directed back to the nearest Ezi returns hub.

Please note:
It is not compulsory to use our labels.
Your customers can return their unwanted items to us by any postal or courier method.