Making international returns Ezi for you.

If you sell online, we can help you with your international returns.

Welcome to Ezi Returns!  

We are a service-driven enterprise, backed by a solid background of over 18 years in the retail and e-commerce arena. Our extensive experience encompasses selling through various channels, both online and in-store, allowing us to grasp the challenges faced by customers and retailers when it comes to efficient and cost-effective return handling.

As former sellers ourselves, navigating marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and our own website, we understand the absolute importance of a dependable local returns solution. It’s the backbone of delivering top-notch customer service, ensuring a hassle-free experience that boosts your bottom line.

Ezi Returns is proud to now be a trusted and recommended partner on the Amazon Solution Provider Network. Using Ezi Returns helps you comply to Amazon's international returns policy and helps you get better feedback.

Join forces with Ezi Returns and get ready to conquer returns with unmatched simplicity.

Since our humble beginnings in late 2015, launching in France and the UK, we’ve rapidly expanded our footprint. Germany, Spain, and Italy soon fell under our returns umbrella. By 2016, we set our sights across the pond, introducing returns solutions in the USA and Canada. And in January 2018, we proudly unveiled Ezi Returns in Australia. The summer of 2019 marked a significant milestone as we established new hubs in The Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland, solidifying our commitment to growth and convenience. But we won’t stop there; additional locations are already on our radar, set to emerge in the near future.

The increasing number of delighted customers we provide our service to serves as indisputable proof of our unwavering philosophy: simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. At Ezi Returns, we take pride in streamlining the returns process, leaving no room for unnecessary complications and ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

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