Customer Returns

How it Works

Once registered with us we will send you the addresses of all the countries that you have requested.  You can then upload these addresses to all your selling platforms.

1. Your Customer sends the returns back to us.

Your customer can return their item back using any method. 

You can ask them to send it back themselves or provide them with a free post shipping label via your label portal.

2. On arrival we process the goods on your portal

Returns are processed usually within 1 to 2 working days of arrival.

They will be registered on your portal with the relevant  information  available depending on your chosen service level (See information below of the different service levels we offer)

3. Your consolidated shipment is prepared

We consolidate your items and prepare shipment based on a shipping rule to suit your needs. This can be timed such as weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly or on a box / pallet full basis. 

We may request some information from you for customs purposes.

4. We ship your goods back to you

As shipments leave you will be notified by email with relevant information such as courier, tracking reference and tracking link. 

All your shipments appear in your shipping report on the portal.(except USA NJ* see below)

*USA - Please note we have 2 different solution in USA.
Our New Jersey consolidation & shipping service differs from that described above.

Our Service Levels

Choose the Service Level that best suits your needs

Package Opened

Tracking Reference 

RMA or order or invoice number

Customer Name Only recorded if no RMA or order number available.


Bar code or SKU  of returned items & Qty

Items Graded
We record the information from the outside of the parcel. We do not open the parcel. 
We open the package / box & record the information as available.
We open the package / box/ & record the information. A basic visual inspection of the items is carried out to the best of our ability / opinion to determine condition for re sale. See Grading Notes below. 

Notes on Grading Service Grades

We grade items according to the following criteria

A - Good - Re sell-able as it is, in our opinion with all labels, tags, packaging present 

B - Good - Re sell-able but may have missing or damaged tags, labels or packaging 

C - Not resell-able, possibly used, worn, damaged or defective

Please note our Grading service is only available for certain, suitable product types. Our staff will conduct a basic visual inspection.  Please note we cannot be experts in every aspect of every product and we cannot be held liable for any issues as a result of the hub grading process.