Customer Returns

Trust Ezi Returns to simplify your returns process today.

Customers return their unwanted items to us. Our dedicated team processes, consolidates, and efficiently ships everything back to you, saving you time, money, and effort. 
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How it works

Once registered with us, we will send you the addresses of all the countries that you have requested. You can then upload these addresses to all of your selling platforms.

Your customer sends the returns back to us

Your customer can return their item back using any method.
You can ask them to send it back themselves, or provide them with a returns shipping label via your ownlabel portal.

We process the returns

Returns are usually processed within 1 to 2 working days of arrival.
They will be registered on your portal with the relevant information available depending on your chosen service level.
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​​Our Service Levels


We cannot accept prohibited items as determined by our postal or courier services.

In many cases we are unable to give a definitive quote until we have all the item details such as dimensions, weights, destination address

Telephone numbers 
Please note that any telephone numbers we provide are only to be used for Amazon FBA removals or couriers. These must not be uploaded to your normal customer returns settings or made available to your customers/the public

Customs clearance of returned goods 
At times you may need to provide customs information for the shipment. 
For further information please see here.

Please note our grading service is only available for certain product types.
Our staff will conduct a basic visual inspection, and grade items according to the following criteria:

A - Good
Resellable as it is, with all labels/tags/packaging in tact

B - Good
Resellable but may have missing or damaged tags, labels, or packaging

C - Not sellable
Possibly used, worn, damaged, or defective

We cannot be held liable for any issues as a result of the hub grading process.