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How you can become a part of the e-commerce circular economy

The circular economy is a concept that aims to reduce waste and promote the continual use of resources through reusing, repairing, and recycling. It has many benefits for the environment especially, but also to retailers.

Understanding and Navigating the eCommerce Returns Landscape in India

Returns pose a substantial challenge for ecommerce businesses in India, where online returns can range between 25% to 40%. This figure brings a significant impact, leading to increased operational costs, decreased customer satisfaction, and potential loss of sales for online businesses. See how Ezi Returns can help.

Customs Considerations for Return Shipments

Some shipments of your returned goods may require customs information in order to be shipped. In most cases this will depend on your location and where the goods are being shipped from.

Returns: An Opportunity to Increase Sales in Cross Border Trading

Recent research* has provided a significant insight into the impact of the consumer’s return experience on sales. *67% of consumers check the returns policy before checking out, and *85% of shoppers say they won’t repeat buy if returns are complicated or inconvenient...

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