Our Partners & Affiliates

We have teamed up with a number of businesses who offer various products and services to make life easier and more profitable for international sellers.

Foreign Currency Exchange, Local bank accounts

Give your profit margins a further boost.

We’ve teamed up with award-winning currency specialist
World First for both our own and our customers’ benefit by using their excellent currency exchange services to save money when paying or being paid in foreign currencies.

When we operated our own e commerce business we saved significant amounts of money  by switching to World First to transfer our funds from overseas sales. If you get your funds transferred by Amazon for example, to your home account, STOP!  Sign up quickly and easily to World First and earn more.

Foreign Currency Exchange, Local bank accounts

Opening a Payoneer account can save you time and money on paying and getting paid in multiple currencies.

Receive funds from international marketplaces or customers avoiding poor exchange rates into a local bank account and transfer at your convenience, or pay suppliers and other Payoneer users such as Ezi Returns quickly & easily without fees.

UK to USA Small Packet Shipping

UKP offer small package shipping services ideal for publishers and e commerce sellers looking at sending bulk consignments into USA with direct injection into USPS system and elsewhere. 

UKP cover the whole process including customs clearance to allow your goods to reach the end user within 5 days approx.

UK to USA Small Packet Shipping

If you are based in the UK and looking for a cost effective and reliable service for small packets into USA, eTail-USA can help. From collection to the "final mile" USPS mail man delivering the parcel to your customer typically 4 to 5 days later, the entire delivery process is completely visible via eTail’s own website tracking facility.

International VAT services 

Simply VAT provide international VAT services including VAT registrations,  VAT returns and reporting such as Intrastat and EC Sales Lists in many countries ensuring you are compliant throughout your international sales expansion.

International eCommerce Expansion Specialists

InterCultural Elements has been helping retailers and e-commerce sellers expand their sales around the world since 2007. This includes customizable service solutions to:

  • identify the most profitable countries and marketplaces
  • translate, localize and launch your items on international marketplaces & websites
  • fully manage your e-commerce accounts
  • multilingual email customer service
  • multilingual digital marketing
  • seller account reinstatement

Interested in partnering with Ezi Returns?

If your business offers products and services beneficial to e commerce sellers and you share a common aim to offer recommendations for mutual benefit then please contact us to discuss how we can work together.