GBP Pricing - Returns Processing

Monthly Account Fee

A standing monthly account fee is charged. Choose from Europe, North America & Rest of World or an all inclusive Worldwide Account

Processing Fee

You can choose from a variety of service levels to suit your needs, and offer different ones in each country

Consolidation & Shipping

We consolidate your items, and you are charged a box/pallet consolidation & prep fee plus the shipping charge


Customer Returns Pricing GBP

Our charges are made up of 3 items.

1. Standing Monthly account fee.
2. Return fee per item. Choose from 1 of our 3 Service levels
3. Consolidation & Shipping Charges back to you.

Labels are available if required for providing postage paid labels to your customers.

Prices shown are effective from 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2024.

For FBA pricing see here
Monthly Account Fees - Customer Returns
Account Set Up Fee
One off fee for setting up a Returns account
Europe Account
Fee includes All Countries  DE, ES, FR, IRE, IT, NL, POL, PT, SE, UK,
Label solution available for other EU countries
30 Per month
North America & Rest of World Account
Fee includes All Countries available AUS, CAN, INDIA, MEX, UAE, USA.
30 Per month
Worldwide Ezi Account
Worldwide Account Includes ALL countries above.
Includes any new countries added. 
55 Per month
Customer Return Processing FeesGBP Excl Vat
Basic Returns Service
We do not open the packets on this Service. This is a returns notification service only. 2 pieces  of information are recorded. This is usually the Tracking reference and RA or order number from the outside of the package.
1.60 Per return
Standard+ Return Service
For each return package received we record the following if available
– 1 of the following – RA or Order or invoice number. If none of these are available we record Customer last name if available.
– Item Bar Code or SKU or title and quantity plus date received.
Fee includes1st item. Each additional Item fee is charged for more than 1 item in a package

Per return Includes 1st Item

0.40 each additional item

Grading Returns Service
Same as Standard+ with the addition of a basic visual inspection of the items to report on the condition for resale.

 2.65 Per Package includes 1st item

2.25 each additional item in package

Consolidation & Shipping ChargesGBP Excl VAT
Box Preparation Fee – per box
For Boxes approx size 60x40x40cm or up to 20kg Volumetric weight
For Boxes 70x50x50cm or similar or greater than 20kg volumetric weight

3.65 Per box

4.25 Per box
 Pallet Preparation Fee – per pallet 25.00 Per pallet
Plus Shipping Fee
 Please contact us for current shipping prices
Other FeesGBP Excl VAT
Disposal - small items
Subject to approval and restrictions
0.50 Per item
Oversized Item - Surcharge
Customer Return over 5kg and/or over 1.20m length
1.80 Per item
Pallet Storage
Box Storage - applies only if Shipping not possible due to reasons out of our control such as non payment or delays in customs information for boxes stored in excess of 60 days
0.90 Per pallet per day
up to 0.10 Per box per day

Please note Return processing fees may differ from those shown here for the following countries - UAE - United Arab Emirates. Please contact us for pricing.

Our Terms & Conditions are available here

Shipping Fees EU to UK mainland using Ezi Consolidated Services
The rates below are in place from 28th October 2022 but are subject to change at any time.
Rates include door to door delivery and customs clearance fees as returned goods without VAT and duties
Standard Box up to 20kg volumetric weight
From DE
From FR / ES / IT / NL

£25.40 Per box
£26.65 Per box
Large Box - Greater than 20kg volumetric weight
From DE
From FR / ES / IT / NL

£29.65 Per box
£30.40 Per box
From DE
From FR / ES / IT / NL

£242.40 Per pallet
£268.00 Per pallet